Standard Chartered DigiSmart Credit Card Review

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Standard Chartered DigiSmart credit card is an interesting offering. It is a cashback card offering some good deals on partner merchants. It is also a credit card that has a monthly fee instead of the usual annual fee option. Here is a review of the Standard Chartered DigiSmart credit card and its features.

Standard Chartered DigiSmart Card – Fees and Charges

The card has a monthly fee of Rs 49 which is reversed on the spending of Rs 5000 in the next calendar month. In total, we end up paying Rs 694 (incl. GST) in a year with a spend waiver at Rs 60000. This is good enough for an entry-level credit card and the rewards DigiSmart offers.

Joining/Renewal Fee Rs 49+GST
Welcome Benefit None
Renewal Fee Waiver Rs 5000 spend in a month
Standard Chartered DigiSmart Credit Card Review – Fees and Charges

Standard Chartered DigiSmart Card – Rewards

This is where it gets interesting. We get rewards on DigiSmart credit cards only for the below merchants. There is no reward for spending at any other place. So, it makes sense to get this card only if we can take advantage of these offers.

  • Myntra offer is a good one. This can be availed with any other discount codes applicable on the cart. The discount reflects on the final page where we need to enter OTP. This offer also works when adding to Myntra credit.
  • Inox and Ola Cabs offers are also good for this entry-level card.
Myntra 20% off Not Required Once/month Rs 700
Zomato 10% off DIGISMART 5 times/month Rs 150/transaction
Yatra – Domestic Flights 20% off DIGISMART Once/quarter Rs 750
Yatra – International Flights 10% off DIGISMART Once/quarter Rs 10000
Yatra – Domestic Hotels 25% off DIGISMART Once/quarter Rs 4000
Grofers 10% off DIGISMART 5 times/month Rs 1000/month
Inox Buy One Get One Not Required 2 times/month Rs 200/transaction
Ola Cabs 15% cashback Not Required None Rs 600/month

My View

DigiSmart is more of a shopping credit card with great benefits on partner merchants. It does not provide rewards on other transactions and this is going to be point that many of would think about. But, with the monthly fees at Rs 49 and benefits on Myntra and Ola, this is a good card for Millennials. Cabs and clothing are two essential expenses for most of us. There are few cards that can give that kind of rewards for Myntra/Ola. Not to forget, the Inox BOGO offer is great as well.

Standard Chartered India issues more than one credit card to customers. So, DigiSmart can be a ‘special situations’ credit card to get some nifty savings on shopping.


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