RBL Bank LazyPay Credit Card Review

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With the new RBL guidelines for fintech BNPL, Slice, Uni, and LazyPay have all had to revamp their products. Slice has gone for UPI and prepaid wallet options while UNI and LazyPay are now issuing credit cards. LazyPay has partnered with RBL Bank to issue a co-branded credit card – the RBL Bank LazyPay credit card.

The RBL Bank LazyPay credit card is being rolled out in phases and will be available to select LazyPay app users for now. We have to go through the KYC process to get this card.


  • Pricing: Lifetime Free (LTF) with no joining and annual fee
  • Welcome Benefit: Rs 250 cashback on making spends within 30 days of card issuance


  • 1% cashback on all online and POS transactions
  • No cash back on fuel purchases, insurance payments, and rental transactions

There is nothing special in the rewards. 1% cashback is pretty much standard now. We have many cards offering that.

As this credit card is launched with RBL, there is also a reward redemption fee of Rs 99 plus GST. So, the actual cashback % after adjusting the reward redemption will not be 1%.

Final Thoughts

BNPL cards were easy to access for many users with a quick online signup process. With these moving to credit cards, the decision to give a credit card lies with the partner bank. So, it will not be that easy to get access to these co-branded credit cards.

But, there is no reason to get this card either. The 1% cashback is pretty much standard nowadays and we have cards offering much more than that. If you use LazyPay, then we would suggest closing that account and going with other credit card. You can refer to this list to see the best credit cards right now.

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