Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card Review

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Do you often book flights on domestic routes that Vistara operates on? Then, Vistara co-branded credit cards can be a quicker way to earn miles and free tickets. Axis and Vistara have three credit cards that offer complimentary tickets and CV points. The three variants come at different annual fee points and CV earn rates. Here is a review of the Axis Bank Vistara Infinite credit card.

Fees and Charges

  • Joining and Annual Fee: Rs 10000 plus taxes
  • Welcome and Renewal Benefit: 1 complimentary Business Class ticket
  • Club Vistara Benefit: Gold Membership
  • Activation Benefit: 10000 CV points for Rs 1 Lakh spend in the first 90 days
  • Renewal Fee Waiver: None

A business class ticket on Vistara is priced in the range of 25K – 35K for routes like DEL-BLR or DEL-BOM. It can be in the range of 15K-20K for shorter routes like DEL-IXC. So, the value of the complimentary business class ticket is more than the joining/annual fee. If we can use it for a busy route, we can even get 3 times the fee we pay.

Rewards: Earn CV Points and Business Class Tickets

  • All Spends (except Wallet): 6 CV points/Rs 200 ~2.4% Return
  • 1st Milestone: 1 Business Class Ticket at Rs 2.5 Lakhs spend
  • 2nd Milestone: 1 Business Class Ticket at Rs 5 Lakhs spend
  • 3rd Milestone: 1 Business Class Ticket at Rs 7.5 Lakhs spend
  • 4th Milestone: 1 Business Class Ticket at Rs 12 Lakhs spend

I have valued each CV point at 80 paise. In total, we get 36000 CV points (on non-Vistara spends) and 4 Business Class tickets for Rs 12 Lakhs spent

Exclude Rewards Points Transaction

x   Rent Payment

x   Wallet load

Exclude Milestone Transaction

x   Rent Payment

x   Wallet load

Return on Spend

The price at which we can value the complimentary business class tickets depends on the route. I searched for two routes DEL-BLR and DEL-BOM to arrive at an approximate value.

  • Approximate Cost of Business Class Ticket: Rs 25000
  • Approximate Cost of Redemption for Taxes and Surcharges: Rs 3500
  • Value of each Complimentary Business Class ticket: Rs 21500

It is always possible to get a better value for the business class tickets. So we get CV points worth Rs 28,800 and 4 Business Class tickets worth Rs 86,000. This is a return of Rs 1,14,800 or 9.5% on Rs 12 Lakh spend. That is pretty good for a travel card but the question to ask here is are you really going to fly in business class on a domestic route. If yes, then this is a good card.

Get Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

We get 2 complimentary airport lounge visits per quarter to this list of lounges.

Club Vistara Gold Membership and Benefits

The Axis Bank Vistara Infinite credit card comes with complimentary Gold status for Club Vistara. Here are some of the benefits that come with Gold Tier.

  • Earn 10 CV points/Rs 100 on Vistara spends
  • Guaranteed Reservation in Economy Class if requested 48 priors to departure
  • Extra 10 kg check-in baggage
  • 3 class upgrade vouchers on Tier Renewal

Final Thoughts

Vistara flies very limited routes in India. So, the Vistara co-branded cards make sense only if you reside in one of those cities. If you reside in one of the hub cities like Delhi, this card can offer good value with all those milestone benefits.

The 9.5% return on the card sounds great but only if you are interested in flying business class. 12 Lakh annual spending is not easy to achieve for most of us. If you are interested in a Vistara credit card, the Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME and the Axis Bank Vistara Signature credit card are better if we consider the spending required for milestone tickets.

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