American Express SmartEarn Credit Card Review

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Amex SmartEarn is an entry-level card that is targeted at first-time Amex customers. It is the most basic card you can get for the Amex experience and explore higher offerings later on. This card used to be offered as the Amex Everyday Spend Gold Rewards in its previous iteration. Here is a review of the American Express SmartEarn credit card.The Amex SmartEarn credit card is a perfect choice for those who are venturing into the world of American Express for the first time. Designed as an entry-level card, it opens the doors to a world of exclusive benefits and rewards. Previously known as the Amex Everyday Spend Gold Rewards, this card has undergone a transformation while retaining its essence. With the Amex SmartEarn card, you can embark on your Amex journey, experiencing the joy of earning rewards while enjoying the convenience and security of an American Express credit card. Discover a new level of financial freedom and discover the possibilities that await you with the Amex SmartEarn credit card.


Amex has some of the simplest eligibility criteria for its credit cards. To apply for the Amex SmartEarn card we need:

  • A good credit score, preferably 750 and above
  • Annual Income of Rs 4.5 Lakhs plus for salaried and Rs 6 Lakhs plus for Self Employed

Fees and Charges

Joining Fee Rs 495 plus taxes
Welcome Benefit Rs 500 statement credit on Rs 10000 spends in the first 90 days
Annual Fee Rs 495 plus taxes
Annual Fee Waiver On spending Rs 40000 in a membership year


  • 10X Partners Flipkart, Amazon, and Uber Spends: 10 MR points/Rs 50 ~5% to 10% Return
  • 5X Partners Paytm, Swiggy, BookMyShow, PVR, Myntra, Jabong, Grofers, and Big Bazaar: 5 MR Points/Rs 50 ~2.5% to 5% Return
  • All other spends: 1 MR point/Rs 50 ~0.5% to 1% return
  • Spends excluded from rewards: Fuel, insurance, utilities, and EMI transactions
  • MR points for 10X partners capped at 500 points/month per partner
  • MR points for 10X partners capped at 250 points/month per partner

While the 5X and 10X partners are good and have a great earning rate, the caps are rather low. We can spend a maximum of Rs 2500 at any of the partners before hitting the max cap. So, if your spending is low then this is an ideal card.

Milestone Benefits

Rs 1.2 Lakhs Rs 500 Amazon Voucher
Rs 1.8 Lakhs Rs 500 Amazon Voucher
Rs 2.4 Lakhs Rs 500 Amazon voucher

Redemption Options

There are multiple other options for redeeming the MR points on Amex MRCC on the go. These include electronics, luxury and lifestyle products, fashion accessories, and instant gift vouchers for various brands. We can even pay for transactions using MR points. The MR point value in these options is around 25p per point. But, there is a better option.

If you take the Amex MRCC card along with this, you get access to the 18K and 24K Gold Collection. So, you can pool MR points earned from SmartEarn and MRCC to get a better value for your MR points. The MR points get a value from 39 paise to 58 paise on the available redemption options.

Final Thoughts

The SmartEarn is the most affordable cap in the Amex portfolio. So, we should not expect much from this card. The entry-level card excels in accelerated rewards but one can hit the caps very soon. The other point is cashback cards rule this segment. Unless you are an Amex fan, the MR points won’t excite you.

Get the SmartEarn card for experiencing Amex services and offers. Also, this will be an opportunity to see if you want to step up to better Amex cards like the MRCC or Plat Travel.

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